Product Information

Laser type


The SZ-1100 is the optimum model for research & development of high-definition 3D printed objects, and 3D printing of high-mix low-volume.
The laser spot diameter can be 15μm at minimum, and a telecentric fθ lens is adopted for the optical system, which enables stable microfabrication.
The variable laser output can respond to various materials, and applications can be selected according to purpose.


The SZ-2500 is a medium-size model that supports microfabrication to medium-size shaping.
The laser spot diameter is variable in a range of 50 - 300μm, which significantly improves drawing efficiency.
The 3D printing area is as wide as 250 × 250mm, where multiple small-size parts can be created simultaneously.
It is a versatile model that supports research & development through small-lot production.

DLP type


The SZ-800 is a standard model developed to realize easy operation, quick and precise modeling with DLP one-shot exposure for research and development use.
Wavelength is selectable from 365nm and 405nm to enhance flexibility of material choice.


The SZ-6000 realizes high-speed exposure ten times faster in exposure time than our conventional model through adoption of a newly developed DLP multiscan method.
Furthermore, high-definition drawing quality is achieved as the drawing spot size is 21.6μm and the control pitch is 0.9μm.
The 3D printing area is as large as 660 × 600 × H300mm, enabling high-volume simultaneous 3D printing in batches.
This solves mass production problems related to conventional 3D printers.
The SZ-6000 is a mass-production-oriented model that can maintain conventional drawing quality, enabling high-speed large-area 3D printing.

Equipped with functions specific to a mass-production machine

  • Equipped with an external large-capacity automatic slurry replenishment unit, which enables long-time continuous operation without running out of materials.
  • Equipped with surveillance cameras that monitor defects during 3D printing.
  • Equipped with the functions of blade cleaning and surplus slurry recovery, which enable effective use of surplus materials in 3D printing.
  • Equipped with a conveying table that smoothly carries out a green body on the stage to the cleaning process after large-area 3D printing.

List of specifications

  SZ-1100 SZ-2500 SZ-800 SZ-6000
  High-definition model
Productivity/3D printing area expanded model
Standard model
Mass-production model
3D printing area 100 × 100 × H50mm 250 × 250 × H250mm 80 x 55 x H50mm 600 × 600 × H300mm (70kg)
Layer pitch 10~200µm 50~200µm 10µm~ 10~200µm
Spot diameter Φ15~80µm Φ50~300µm - -
3D Printing Resolution - - 35µm~ Dot 21.6µm/Drawing pitch 0.9µm
Output power 250mW 1000mW - -
Equipment size 1300 × 1750 × H1650mm 1600 × 1850 × H1950mm 800 x 900 x H1700mm 1720 × 2950 × H1870mm
Power supply Single-phase 100V AC 1.0KVA Single-phase 100V AC 1.5KVA Single phase 220V ±10% Single-phase 200V AC 30A

Slurry dispersion

The SZ series, which aims at high-definition 3D printing, requires slurry making as microscopic particles are more highly filled. Therefore, optimum slurrying of various materials is realized by using our revolution-rotation planetary centrifugal mixer “Kakuhunter” that can adjust the ratio between revolution and rotation.

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