Research & Development Support/Joint Development

It is possible for company development departments and research organizations to experiment and verify using our methods and technology. Please consult us.

Research & development support

  • Material
  • Device
  • Method

Do you have such demands?

  • Wants to make ceramic parts having 3D microstructures
  • Wants to make small batches of a variety of parts with in-house materials
  • Wants to change dimensions on an as-needed basis and wants parts with different dimensions at the same time.
  • Wants prototype parts with initial costs (mold, etc.) kept low.
  • Wants prototype parts within a short period.

Joint development

Do you want to take your own research & development theme a step further by using a high-definition ceramic 3D printer?

Research & development support service

SK Fine provides “research & development support service” in addition to the sales of equipment and devices as well as customized 3D printing service with use of 3D printers.
With respect to your challenges, our experienced technical staff in the ceramics industry propose and support your implementation of experiment verification from the perspectives of materials, manufacturing processes, and equipment development.

Focused themes by field

  • Electricity and communications (5G, 6G)
    Heat dissipation devices for base stations; devices in which heat dissipation shapes/structures and electronic circuits are integrated
    Improvement in material characteristics of passive parts, production technology (stereolithography element technology, customization), manufacturing members
  • Environment & energy
    Optimization of materials and structures for improvement in efficiency of electric power generation of fuel cells and thermoelectric devices, artificial photosynthesis, etc.
    Performance upgrade of CO2 absorption structures
  • Semiconductor & manufacturing equipment
    Optimum structures for internal flow passages, materials and structures of heat-resistant, corrosion-resistant parts
  • Medical care
    Biocompatible materials, optimum structural research & development, insulation and special structures for medical devices
  • Automotive
    Sensors, heat dissipation devices, structural optimization of catalysts
  • Aerospace
    Heat-resistant structural members, dielectric lenses for space telescopes, radomes

Creation of next-generation devices and customer-specific 3D production processes

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